Monday, March 7, 2011

The PESKY PESK on facebook....AND how to get rid of it....

Although not a typical "ART" posting for me...I will dub this "The Art of Anti-Spamming on Facebook".....This was inspirational for me because although I didn't save the world, I was able to get to the root of the problem and hey it might help you out too!

As I awoke the other morning and clicked on a link which I thought would be very funny:  "Man takes pictures of himself everyday for 20 years---watch him change in this video".  Thinking "Oh, I would love to do this someday", I clicked away ready to be amazed...instead of seeing a magnificent morph I found myself on a bogus YouTube site and an unauthorized post on my facebook wall.  NOW I panicked and thought "Great my facebook page and account has been hacked for the first time...What the @&$# do I do now?"  Seven deep breaths later and some frenzied pecking and punching on the keyboard in search engines----I found the information that just may help you...giddy up here we go:

1)  If you are receiving these posts on your wall after you visit a bogus site(ex. "viewtube") there is a way out....albeit it is next to impossible to identify these posts on our trusted friend's walls...there is a way to get them off.  

2)  My first inclination was to delete the post off of my wall or report it as spam---You will find out after clicking THIS DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM.  You will notice an error message as well as you click 1 of the 3 options.  Take a deep breath and see the next step.

3)  Go to your profile page and click the "Notes" section under your profile picture.

4)  Go down to your "Activities & Interests" and view all of them by selecting "see more", you will see a list of everything you have added.(Depending on how many you have you can just go to edit list)  At any rate, you want to click on "Edit" and when it brings you to the edit page click again on "Show other pages"

5)  Now go through the pop up list....does anything look out of the ordinary that you did not add?!  For me I saw: "Man takes pictures of himself everyday for 20 years---watch him change in this video"---Obviously this was the spam link that placed me in this predicament.  

6)  Lastly, now that you have identified the unwanted click "Remove Page" next to it.  

7)  Voila and Congratulations---you have now have become a survivor of spam instead of victim!  Do check your wall again....In my case the post from the spam was still on the wall, but this time I was able to report it as spam to facebook and it deleted immediately leaving my friends safe from a bogus posting on my wall "WHEW"

As always with spam and theft, I find it absolutely astonishing that somebody spends their day stealing from people.  Often time these folks work around the clock tapping and prodding on law-abiding citizens accounts.  
I choose to be in this cyber world so I won't be naive to the fact that much like the real world, bad people are out there....but I will do ANYTHING I can possibly do to knock them down and protect me and those I care about...Happy ANTI-SPAMMING TO YOU AND YOURS!
Cheers---Hope this helps!

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